The Big Garage Real Estate Experts


Who We Are

At Gearhead Homes, we understand what you’re looking for because we’re gearheads too! We have years of experience in both real estate and the automotive industry. Since launching the Gearhead Homes concept, we’ve strengthened our roots within the automotive community and continue to grow with the help of our outstanding clients. Gearhead Homes is the premiere real estate team for gearheads, like you, whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent a home or property. We’re the only real estate team specializing in selling homes with big garages and/or custom-built garages to suit the car enthusiast, hobbyist, or business owner.

What Sets Us Apart

By combining our unique real estate and marketing experiences, Gearhead Homes is able to take the selling and buying experience to a new level. We’re creative and focused and we pride ourselves on a track record of delivering prompt, stress-free experiences for hundreds of mechanics, shop owners, car enthusiasts, collectors, and car lovers who are seeking the perfect space. You wouldn’t go to a tire shop for a paint job, right? You would go to the best paint shop in the state! Our specialized focus – BIG garages – is the key to our clients’ success.

Selling Your Home

Your custom barn or garage can be an asset – in the right hands!
Does your home have a barn, large garage, or a garage that has upgrades (workshop, vehicle lift, climate control, insulated, epoxy floor, custom cabinetry, etc.)? We know how to target buyers who are willing to pay more for these upgrades.

The right look can make or break a listing. Gearhead Homes offers unparalleled marketing, with professional photography, carefully crafted descriptions and informative presentation booklets. Our social media and online presence are second to none, and our ever-growing network of gearheads empowers us to sell your home faster and for the highest market value.

Want our services and experience but don’t have a home that fits our specialty? No problem! We give 100% to every listing we take, big garage or not! Do you have vacant land or property? A commercial building? We’ll draw from our extensive network of business owners and investors.

Buying Your Home

If the first thing you look at is the garage, you’re a Gearhead, and need a Gearhead Home! Gearhead Agents are available throughout the US to help you find the right Gearhead Home at the best price. This includes car condos and other commercial real estate. We understand our clients’ needs because we’re gearheads too. We live and breathe this world. Even our dreams smell like exhaust! Our years of experience in the real estate, automotive, and performance automotive industries means we can deliver on that passion and commitment. Contact the BIG garage experts today and learn why our clients wouldn’t accept anything less.